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About Sustainability

A continuation in promoting the philosophy of protecting the environment and supporting social responsibility, Chef Michele Dell'Aquila insists on the superior integrity of selecting primary sustainable producers worldwide and bringing them to The Manor.
About Snippet 1

Baby Artichoke from El Tamiso

Delicious organic artichokes from sunny Padua, Italy. Without the use of pesticides, utilizing everything natural but not chemicals - The farmers at El Tamiso work with a passion for quality and natural produce. The high-quality products from El Tamiso are awarded the ICEA.
Abou Snippet 2

Kyoto Snow Crab

To prevent overfishing of snow crab in Kyoto, seven 1km square fishing reefs are set near the crab fishing grounds. In these "protected areas", a large number of tetrapod-shaped stones are piled up in the sand at a depth of 300 meters in which fishing nets are unable to be drawn in those areas.

Egg from Tategamori Ark Farm

Delicious eggs laid by healthy chickens reared by traditional free-range farming in Tategamori Ark Farm from Japan. Mukashi Tamago eggs are laid by chickens that roam freely within the vast, nature-rich farm.

Sole from Prodemar

Stolt Sea Farm, the owner of several premium brands including Prodemar, is a company with a team of 400 people and 13 fish farms in Spain, France, Portugal, Norway and Iceland.

Yukimuro Snow-aged wagyu

This method of storing and preserving food isn't new. Snow-aging, or Yukimuro, is a 200-year-old technique employed in the wintry region of Niigata which sees one of the heaviest snowfalls in Japan. Yukimuro utilizes a traditional snow-covered room to preserve and age produce naturally.